If you take Adiphene and follow the diet protocol and do not lose weight within 30 days (see note below), we will refund your purchase price in accordance with the return policy as stated on this website. All terms and conditions remain in effect as agreed when purchasing the product.

Please Note:
  • You must complete, mark and weigh yourself each day using the Diet Plan that can be downloaded. Must be kept up to date and used daily.
  • The refunded amount relates only to the cost of the diet tabs in accordance with the Return Policy listed on this website.
  • Inspection charges, postage and handling are non refundable.
  • At the end of the 30-day period you have up to 30 days to claim the money back guarantee alongside supporting documentation and reliable certified statement.

At our goal is simple

A. We have to change your eating habits, by following the diet plan

B. We need an established starting weight that is reliable

C. We need to speed up your metabolism

D. We need a reliable ending weight to determine your actual loss or gain of weight during the 30 day period. We have to establish these weights while you are taking Adiphene and following our diet plan. You are expected to follow the procedures that are basic and easy to follow. This will allow you to be eligible for a refund of our product.

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