Get Slimmer Quickly With 12 Of The
Most Powerful Fat Fighters . . .

Adiphene: Natural Adipex Replacement All In 1 Formula, We Guarantee Adiphene Works!

Once you discover what's in it, it's not difficult to see why Adiphene delivers such a knockout blow to your unwanted fat.

For a start, it includes 12 of the most powerful natural fat fighters, known to science and that alone is heavyweight stuff, but these 12 specially selected ingredients help you tackle fat in FIVE DIFFERENT ways . . . because in every dosage of Adiphene you get:

  • 3 Fat Burning Metabolizers – Vitamin B6, L-Carnitine HCL & Ginger Root
    You’ll speed up your metabolism and rapidly burn off excess fat with this all-natural blend that has no side effects
  • 1 Fat Binder - Chitosan
    You’ll have far less food stored as fat because Chitosan binds to fats in your stomach allowing it to pass throughout your body!
  • 1 Appetite Reducer - Glucomannan
    You’ll feel less hungry from this 100% natural ingredient so you consume fewer calories which guarantees you’ll lose weight fast!
  • 2 Thermogenic Boosters – Cinnamon Extract & Cayenne Capsicum
    You’ll burn off an extra 270 calories per day from the combination of these two powerful natural ingredients – without having to diet or exercise!
  • 5 Natural Stimulants – Bitter Orange, Chromium Picolinate, Guarana Extract, Ginseng Panax Root Extract & Cacao Extract
    Your body will be able to efficiently metabolize food into energy from the combination of these incredible ingredients, allowing you to burn maximum fat!

Many fat reducing formula's only have one or two of the above, but we've gone much further to create what we believe to be... The most powerful fat loss formula available. Now you don't have to take your chance with just one solution, which might not be as effective on you as it is on other people.

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I'm a big fan of this company since Phen375, but I wanted to try something stronger and knew I could trust Adiphene compared to other natural diet pills. I have tried a lot and got too many side effects or nothing worked.

I only wanted to lose body fat not so much the weight and after a month I was shocked my stomach went down. Body fat did come off even though my weight dropped a little but as long as I lost the fat that's what I wanted, I didn't have too much to lose.

I also felt full and had less cravings through the day. After breaking my foot I really couldn't exercise so this pill helped a lot. On this pill I didn't do any diet or exercise while on it for a month or have side effects. Thanks guys!

Lauren C.

Your stubborn fat really can be a thing of the past with Adiphene . . . Click Here to ORDER right now.

We all eat differently. We all respond differently. So we hand selected Adiphene's ingredients to ensure we gives you the most diverse and powerful five way strategy. A little fat loss here, a little there, more from here, it all adds up very quickly and because it works in so many different ways . . . it will work for everyone.

Adiphene Gives You 5 Times More Fat Busting Power!

Firstly, the maximum strength, finest quality clinically proven ingredients, make Adiphene the appetite suppressant equivalant of the prescription only, Adipex P. But that's just one of the ways Adiphene will help you lose the pounds, as it tackles your unwanted fat in 5 different, powerful ways . . .

So you'll soon be smiling every time you step on the scales.

Because of Adiphene's multiple target approach, your results from each will soon add up, resulting in even more fat loss.

11 pounds lighter in 23 days exactly and I haven’t done any exercise.. Wendy B.

For example, some of the fat you eat is prevented from entering your system (inhibitor and binder) and your appetite will be under control (appetite reducer), so no nasty, nagging cravings making you head for the fridge.

These alone will help you reach your goals without the pain usually associated with losing weight.

But they are nothing compared to the power of Adiphene's number one benefit . . . turbo charging your metabolism, until it burns calories like a forest fire burns dry timber.

Your Metabolism Can Be Your Secret Fat Busting Weapon..

Metabolism really is the 3rd but missing secret to fast, painless fat loss. You already know the first two, as you see them everywhere you look:

  • Eat less: Lowers your calorie intake. Less food to be stored as fat. But can be painful and hard to stick to for any period of time, due to your body being used to a certain level of calories.
  • Exercise more: Burns more calories. And if you exercise on an empty stomach it can force your body to burn fat. But with an empty stomach, you have nothing to fuel your exercise, which makes it so much harder to stick to.

They're good, but here's the 'Ace up your sleeve' that changes everything:

  • Speed up your Metabolism: The 'missing secret' and the most exciting because you'll burn more calories NATURALLY. Your body's calorie furnace will be turned up to maximum power, forcing it to not only burn the calories you eat at every meal, but also your stored fat!
Adiphene - Natural alternative for adipex

Remember, it's your metabolism which ultimately controls your weight loss or gain, because it's responsible for how much fat your body burns rather than stores. Adiphene turns up your metabolism so it can burn more of the fat you eat, along with your stored fat, much more effectively.

For more info on your metabolic Dial click here to read our 'How It Works' page

When you reduce your fat stores, along with reducing the amount of fat your body stores in the future . . . you are going to be shopping for smaller clothes. It's that simple.

Adiphene gives you a way to keep your hunger at bay AND reject some of the fat you eat, which help massively with the 'eat less' part of the trio. It also works to help give you more energy to take on exercise, along with ensuring you see results much faster, to help keep you motivated.

As a mother of 3 and a very busy wife, I'm finding Adiphene really useful. I haven't really got the time for exercise or preparing a special diet, so the fact I have lost 8 pounds in the last 3 weeks is fantastic. More! Linda T..

So Why Is Adiphene The Most Powerful Fat Burner?

Adiphene contains 5 natural stimulants and most importantly, 2 very powerful thermogenic boosters, to fire up your metabolism and force your body to burn more fat.

Because Adiphene not only turns your body into a fat eating machine, it also allows your body to reject some of the fat you eat and keeps your hunger at bay. That's the 'eat less' part helped along nicely.

And when you add all this up, it's the perfect combination to keep you on target and easily hit your weight loss goals . . .

To read more click here to see the Adiphene Ingredients page

Let's Have a Closer Look At Adiphene's Specially Selected Ingredients?

The 5 Stimulants

Chromium picolinate

Bitter Orange, which many dieters turned to as a powerful alternative, when the Food and Drug Administration banned the herbal supplement ephedra. Chromium picolinate works to increase the efficiency of insulin, which is incredibly important, as insulin controls how much fat your body stores.

Then we have Guarana extract which helps to efficiently metabolize food into energy, burn excess stored fat and speed up metabolism to burn even more fat. Ginseng panax root extract 10% is thought to help modulate carbohydrate metabolism, which means it's potentially useful for managing blood sugar. And the theobromine in Cacao extract inhibits fat storage and the cocoa polyphenols increase fat metabolism.

Put 12 powerful ingredients to work for you to reduce your waistline . . . Click Here to ORDER right now.

The 2 Thermogenics

Research has shown that Cinnamon extract 4 %, may help reduce abdominal fat. Several studies have shown cinnamon reduces insulin resistance and fasting blood glucose levels, both of which are associated with unwanted abdominal fat.

Cayenne capsicum

Thanks to its twelve to one concentration, Cayenne capsicum 40M HU/G, is the purest pharmaceutically refined currently available. By increasing blood flow in the smaller or restricted flow blood vessels found in fatty tissue, it can carry the other active ingredients in Adiphene straight to where they're needed and help them be absorbed.

Another exciting finding of Cayenne, is that it also allows you to burn up to 270 extra calories a day by increasing your core temperature. Called 'thermogenic burn', this temperature increase requires more energy, which helps to effortlessly burn extra fat.

The Hunger Reducer

Glucomannan (kanjac root) is a very effective appetite suppressor. A study of twenty overweight people who took a set dose of glucomannan for just eight weeks, lost an average of five and a half pounds without a special diet plan.

Reducing your hunger, even by a little, can really take the stress out of losing weight.

The Fat Binder

Chitosan extract binds to fats in the stomach and shuttles them straight through the digestive system, so they can't be absorbed. Less fat absorbed, means less fat stored where you don't want it!

The Fat Metabolizers

Vitamin B6 is a powerful metabolism booster which also helps the body to metabolize food into energy and burn excess fat. L-carnitine HCL helps to mobilize fat stored in the tissues, helps long-chained fatty acids to be burned for energy and increases the amount of fat burnt during strength or aerobic workouts. Ginger root speeds up your metabolism to allow you to burn fat away more quickly. It also helps to reduce muscle pain caused by exercise.

Adiphene Offers Real Help With Your Battle Against Unwanted Fat

Lose weight with this Natural alternative for adipex

As you can see, Adiphene's thoroughly researched, extremely powerful and effective ingredients will help decrease the amount of fat your body stores and increase the amount of unwanted stored fat it burns.

Thanks to its 5 paths to attack fat, you WILL lose weight.

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You obviously know that eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular exercise can make your weight loss goals much more achievable AND improve your health. But as you're painfully aware, it can be difficult finding the time and fit it all in!

Adiphene makes it so much easier to lose weight. It's powerful, proven ingredients work in harmony together, ensuring you absorb less fat, your hunger is kept in check and your body becomes a fat melting furnace . . . even without diet or exercise.

wanted to lose a stone (14 pounds) ready for my holiday and I ordered your pills 5 weeks ago. It's another 4 weeks till the holiday and I have lost almost 9 pounds as I write this. I'm going to need smaller trunks. LOL Jason N.

With 12 scientifically cutting edge powerhouses, working against your unwanted fat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you'll soon be experiencing the kind of effortless fat loss you've only ever dreamed about.

It's Time To Start Feeling Really Great About Yourself...

Make a start right now, right here . . . today. Let Adiphene put the 3rd fat loss secret to work for you quickly, easily and painlessly.

The medical research shows that the metabolism takes around 90 days to fully adapt for 90-95% of people. For some slightly less, for some a slightly more, but 90 days is the good rule of thumb. Remember your metabolism will be fired up before then, but at around 3 months, it'll be at it's fat melting peak.

So right now you have 2 choices

1: Spend the next few months:

  • Researching the latest findings on natural fat burners
  • Filtering the information for what's directly relevant to raising your metabolism
  • Finding out which of them work in synergy together
  • Sourcing the correct nutrients, in the right quantities to be effective
  • Ensuring you get the highest quality nutrients available or you could be wasting your money

2: Order Adiphene right now and spend the next few months with a big smile on your face as you watch your unwanted fat melt away.

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I'm an amateur bodybuilder so my diet is good and I obviously 'exercise'. I have been using Adiphene as a fat burner and I have to say I personally have had really good results.I'm looking more ripped than ever and can't wait for the next comp. I understand nutrition so I know the ingredients help more than weight loss too. Billy S.

Just take Adiphene before breakfast and lunch, boost your metabolism quickly and lose your unwanted fat.

And you're buying Adiphene risk free thanks to our 30 Day Guarantee

Order Right Now To Avoid Disappointment...

Please Note: We recommend the 3 months supply simply due the science showing that 3 months is the optimum time frame to force your metabolism into overdrive. (You'll obviously lose weight before then, but don't fall for products promising massive weight loss in the first few weeks.) Trust the science, set your sights on a 12 week plan and watch that unwanted fat melt away.